Class ValueFormatters

  • public final class ValueFormatters
    extends java.lang.Object
    Provides standard formatters.

    Each formatter implements ValueFormatter.

    • Field Detail

      • TO_STRING

        public static final ValueFormatter<java.lang.Object> TO_STRING
        The default formatter that returns the value of the toString() method.

        public static final ValueFormatter<AdjustableDate> ADJUSTABLE_DATE
        The formatter to be used for AdjustableDate, printing the unadjusted date.

        public static final ValueFormatter<double[]> DOUBLE_ARRAY
        The formatter to be used for double[].
      • DOUBLE

        public static final ValueFormatter<java.lang.Double> DOUBLE
        The formatter to be used for double.

        public static final ValueFormatter<java.lang.Object> UNSUPPORTED
        The formatter to be used when no specific formatter exists for the object.