Interface CurveGroup

  • All Known Implementing Classes:
    LegalEntityCurveGroup, RatesCurveGroup

    public interface CurveGroup
    A group of curves.

    This is used to hold a group of related curves, typically forming a logical set. It is often used to hold the results of a curve calibration.

    Curve groups can also be created from a set of existing curves.

    In Strata v2, this type was converted to an interface. If migrating, change your code to RatesCurveGroup.

    • Method Detail

      • getName

        CurveGroupName getName()
        Gets the name of the curve group.
        the group name
      • findCurve

        Optional<Curve> findCurve​(CurveName name)
        Finds the curve with the specified name.

        If the curve cannot be found, empty is returned.

        name - the curve name
        the curve, empty if not found
      • stream

        Stream<Curve> stream()
        Returns a stream of all curves in the group.
        a stream of all curves in the group