Class AdaptiveCompositeIntegrator1D

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    public class AdaptiveCompositeIntegrator1D
    extends Integrator1D<Double,​Double>
    Adaptive composite integrator: step size is set to be small if functional variation of integrand is large The integrator in individual intervals (base integrator) should be specified by constructor.
    • Constructor Detail

      • AdaptiveCompositeIntegrator1D

        public AdaptiveCompositeIntegrator1D​(Integrator1D<Double,​Double> integrator)
        Creates an instance.
        integrator - The base integrator
      • AdaptiveCompositeIntegrator1D

        public AdaptiveCompositeIntegrator1D​(Integrator1D<Double,​Double> integrator,
                                             double gain,
                                             double tol)
        Creates an instance.
        integrator - The base integrator.
        gain - The gain ratio
        tol - The tolerance