Class RungeKuttaIntegrator1D

    • Constructor Detail

      • RungeKuttaIntegrator1D

        public RungeKuttaIntegrator1D​(double absTol,
                                      double relTol,
                                      int minSteps)
        Constructor from absolute and relative tolerance and minimal number of steps.

        The adaptable integration process stops when the difference between 2 steps is below the absolute tolerance plus the relative tolerance multiplied by the value.

        absTol - the absolute tolerance
        relTol - the relative tolerance
        minSteps - the minimal number of steps
      • RungeKuttaIntegrator1D

        public RungeKuttaIntegrator1D​(double tol,
                                      int minSteps)
      • RungeKuttaIntegrator1D

        public RungeKuttaIntegrator1D​(double atol,
                                      double rtol)
      • RungeKuttaIntegrator1D

        public RungeKuttaIntegrator1D​(double tol)
      • RungeKuttaIntegrator1D

        public RungeKuttaIntegrator1D​(int minSteps)
      • RungeKuttaIntegrator1D

        public RungeKuttaIntegrator1D()
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      • getRelativeTolerance

        public double getRelativeTolerance()