Class PiecewisePolynomialResultsWithSensitivity

  • public class PiecewisePolynomialResultsWithSensitivity
    extends PiecewisePolynomialResult
    Result of interpolation by piecewise polynomial containing knots: Positions of knots coefMatrix: Coefficient matrix whose i-th row vector is { a_n, a_{n-1}, ...} for the i-th interval, where a_n, a_{n-1},... are coefficients of f(x) = a_n (x-x_i)^n + a_{n-1} (x-x_i)^{n-1} + .... In multidimensional cases, coefficients for the i-th interval of the j-th spline is in (j*(i-1) + i) -th row vector. nIntervals: Number of intervals, which should be (Number of knots) - 1 order: Number of coefficients in polynomial, which is equal to (polynomial degree) + 1 dim: Number of splines which are in the super class, and _coeffSense Node sensitivity of the coefficients _coeffSense[i].get(j, k) is \frac{\partial a^i_{n-j}}{\partial y_k}
    • Constructor Detail

      • PiecewisePolynomialResultsWithSensitivity

        public PiecewisePolynomialResultsWithSensitivity​(DoubleArray knots,
                                                         DoubleMatrix coefMatrix,
                                                         int order,
                                                         int dim,
                                                         DoubleMatrix[] coeffSense)
        knots - the knots
        coefMatrix - the coefMatrix
        order - the order
        dim - the dim
        coeffSense - the sensitivity of the coefficients to the nodes (y-values)
    • Method Detail

      • getCoefficientSensitivityAll

        public DoubleMatrix[] getCoefficientSensitivityAll()
        Access _coeffSense.
      • getCoefficientSensitivity

        public DoubleMatrix getCoefficientSensitivity​(int interval)
        Access _coeffSense for the i-th interval.
        interval - the interval
        _coeffSense for the i-th interval