Class LeastSquareResultsWithTransform

  • public class LeastSquareResultsWithTransform
    extends LeastSquareResults
    Container for the results of a least square (minimum chi-square) fit, where some model (with a set of parameters), is calibrated to a data set, but the model parameters are first transformed to some fitting parameters (usually to impose some constants).
    • Method Detail

      • getModelParameters

        public DoubleArray getModelParameters()
      • getModelParameterSensitivityToData

        public DoubleMatrix getModelParameterSensitivityToData()
        This a matrix where the i,j-th element is the (infinitesimal) sensitivity of the i-th model parameter to the j-th data point, when the fitting parameter are such that the chi-squared is minimised. So it is a type of (inverse) Jacobian, but should not be confused with the model jacobian (sensitivity of model parameters to internal parameters used in calibration procedure) or its inverse.
        a matrix