Interface IborFutureContractSpec

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    public interface IborFutureContractSpec
    extends Named
    A contract specification for exchange traded Ibor Futures.

    The contract specification defines how the future is traded. A specific future is created by specifying the year-month.

    For commonly traded contract specifications, see IborFutureContractSpecs. To manually create a contract specification, see ImmutableIborFutureContractSpec. To register a specific contract specification, see OvernightIborContractSpec.ini.

    • Method Detail

      • extendedEnum

        static ExtendedEnum<IborFutureContractSpec> extendedEnum()
        Gets the extended enum helper.

        This helper allows instances of the convention to be looked up. It also provides the complete set of available instances.

        the extended enum helper
      • getIndex

        IborIndex getIndex()
        Gets the Ibor index.

        The floating rate to be paid is based on this index It will be a well known market index such as 'GBP-LIBOR-3M'.

        the index
      • getNotional

        double getNotional()
        Gets the notional.

        The notional is a positive number in the index currency.

        the notional
      • createTrade

        IborFutureTrade createTrade​(LocalDate tradeDate,
                                    SecurityId securityId,
                                    SequenceDate sequenceDate,
                                    double quantity,
                                    double price,
                                    ReferenceData refData)
        Creates a trade based on this convention.

        This returns a trade based on the instructions in the SequenceDate.

        tradeDate - the trade date
        securityId - the identifier of the security
        sequenceDate - the date to be used from the sequence
        quantity - the number of contracts traded, positive if buying, negative if selling
        price - the trade price of the future
        refData - the reference data, used to resolve the trade dates
        the trade
        ReferenceDataNotFoundException - if an identifier cannot be resolved in the reference data
      • calculateReferenceDate

        LocalDate calculateReferenceDate​(LocalDate tradeDate,
                                         SequenceDate sequenceDate,
                                         ReferenceData refData)
        Calculates the reference date from the trade date.

        This determines the date from the SequenceDate.

        tradeDate - the trade date
        sequenceDate - the date to be used from the sequence
        refData - the reference data, used to resolve the date
        the future reference date
      • getName

        String getName()
        Gets the name that uniquely identifies this convention.

        This name is used in serialization and can be parsed using of(String).

        Specified by:
        getName in interface Named
        the unique name