Support for Strata is available via a number of routes.

Commercial support

OpenGamma offers commercial support for Strata and all its software offerings. This may include:

  • Additional products, such FX Binary Options
  • On site developer training (for example, assistance in integration of trade and market data)
  • Evaluation period developer support
  • Consulting
  • Online training
  • Testing tools
  • Production support
  • Service level agreements

Please contact us directly to discuss Strata commercial support, or for more information about derivative market solutions built on Strata.

Open source support

Community driven support for Strata is available through the OpenGamma community forums.

OpenGamma responses to the forums are focussed on getting new users started and discussing potential bugs. Responses are made as time permits, and are unlikely to be immediate. For support beyond the initial getting started phase, such as for use in production, we strongly recommend commercial support with service level agreements. Without commercial support, we expect users to self-support beyond the initial getting started phase.

If you have found a bug or wish to add a feature, see contributions.