Interface ObservableDataProvider

  • public interface ObservableDataProvider
    A provider of observable market data.

    This plugin point allows a market data supplier to be provided. Implementations might request data from an external data provider, such as Bloomberg or Reuters.

    • Method Detail

      • none

        static ObservableDataProvider none()
        Obtains an instance that provides no market data.

        When invoked, the provider will return a map where every requested identifier is a failure.

        a provider that returns failures if invoked
      • provideObservableData

        Map<ObservableId,​Result<Double>> provideObservableData​(Set<? extends ObservableId> identifiers)
        Provides market data for the specified identifiers.

        The implementation will provide market data for each identifier. If market data cannot be obtained for an identifier, a failure will be returned. The returned map must contain one entry for each identifier that was requested.

        identifiers - the market data identifiers to find
        the map of market data values, keyed by identifier