Interface TradeCsvInfoSupplier

  • public interface TradeCsvInfoSupplier
    Resolves additional information when writing trade CSV files.

    This allows additional CSV columns to be written.

    • Method Detail

      • standard

        static TradeCsvInfoSupplier standard()
        Obtains an instance that uses the standard set of reference data.
        the loader
      • headers

        default List<String> headers​(Trade trade)
        Returns the list of additional headers this supplier provides.
        trade - the trade to output
        the list of additional headers
      • values

        default Map<String,​String> values​(List<String> headers,
                                                Trade trade)
        Gets the values associated with the headers.

        This must return a map where the keys are headers that were returned from headers().

        This will be invoked once for each Trade and will normally examine TradeInfo.

        headers - the complete set of headers
        trade - the trade to output
        the map of values by header, not null