Class SimpleSurfaceParameterMetadata

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      • of

        public static SimpleSurfaceParameterMetadata of​(ValueType xValueType,
                                                        double xValue,
                                                        ValueType yValueType,
                                                        double yValue)
        Obtains an instance specifying information about the x-value.
        xValueType - the x-value type
        xValue - the x-value
        yValueType - the x-value type
        yValue - the x-value
        the parameter metadata based on the date and label
      • getLabel

        public String getLabel()
        Description copied from interface: ParameterMetadata
        Gets the label that describes the parameter.

        It is intended that the label is relatively short, however there is no formal restriction.

        Specified by:
        getLabel in interface ParameterMetadata
        the label
      • getIdentifier

        public String getIdentifier()
        Description copied from interface: ParameterMetadata
        Returns an object used to identify the parameter.

        A good choice of identifier is one that makes sense to the user and can easily be created as part of a scenario definition. For example, many nodes types are naturally identified by a tenor.

        The identifier must satisfy the following criteria:

        • It must be non-null
        • It should be unique within a single data set
        • It should have a sensible implementation of hashCode() and equals().
        Otherwise the choice of identifier is free and the system makes no assumptions about it.
        Specified by:
        getIdentifier in interface ParameterMetadata
        an object used to uniquely identify the parameter within the data
      • getXValueType

        public ValueType getXValueType()
        Gets the type of the x-value.
        the value of the property, not null
      • getXValue

        public double getXValue()
        Gets the x-value.
        the value of the property
      • getYValueType

        public ValueType getYValueType()
        Gets the type of the y-value.
        the value of the property, not null
      • getYValue

        public double getYValue()
        Gets the y-value.
        the value of the property
      • hashCode

        public int hashCode()
        hashCode in class Object