Class PiecewiseCubicHermiteSplineInterpolatorWithSensitivity

  • public class PiecewiseCubicHermiteSplineInterpolatorWithSensitivity
    extends PiecewisePolynomialInterpolator
    C1 cubic interpolation preserving monotonicity based on Fritsch, F. N.; Carlson, R. E. (1980) "Monotone Piecewise Cubic Interpolation", SIAM Journal on Numerical Analysis 17 (2): 238–246. Fritsch, F. N. and Butland, J. (1984) "A method for constructing local monotone piecewise cubic interpolants", SIAM Journal on Scientific and Statistical Computing 5 (2): 300-304. For interpolation without node sensitivity, use PiecewiseCubicHermiteSplineInterpolator