Class ProductPiecewisePolynomialInterpolator

  • public class ProductPiecewisePolynomialInterpolator
    extends PiecewisePolynomialInterpolator
    Given a data set {xValues[i], yValues[i]}, interpolate {xValues[i], xValues[i] * yValues[i]} by a piecewise polynomial function. The interpolation can be clamped at {xValuesClamped[j], xValuesClamped[j] * yValuesClamped[j]}, i.e., {xValuesClamped[j], yValuesClamped[j]}, where the extra points can be inside or outside the data range. By default right extrapolation is completed with a linear function, whereas default left extrapolation uses polynomial coefficients for the leftmost interval and left linear extrapolation can be straightforwardly computed from the coefficients. This default setting is changed by adding extra node points outside the data range.