Interface PriceIndex

  • All Superinterfaces:
    FloatingRate, FloatingRateIndex, Index, Named
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    public interface PriceIndex
    extends FloatingRateIndex, Named
    An index of prices.

    A price index is a normalized average of the prices of goods and/or services. Well-known price indices are published by Governments, such as the Consumer Price Index. The annualized percentage change in the index is a measure of inflation.

    This interface represents a price index for a specific region. The index is typically published monthly in arrears, however some regions choose quarterly publication.

    The most common implementations are provided in PriceIndices.

    All implementations of this interface must be immutable and thread-safe.

    • Method Detail

      • of

        static PriceIndex of​(String uniqueName)
        Obtains an instance from the specified unique name.
        uniqueName - the unique name
        the index
        IllegalArgumentException - if the name is not known
      • extendedEnum

        static ExtendedEnum<PriceIndex> extendedEnum()
        Gets the extended enum helper.

        This helper allows instances of the index to be looked up. It also provides the complete set of available instances.

        the extended enum helper
      • getRegion

        Country getRegion()
        Gets the region that the index is defined for.
        the region of the index
      • getDayCount

        default DayCount getDayCount()
        Gets the day count convention of the index, which is '1/1'.
        Specified by:
        getDayCount in interface FloatingRateIndex
        the day count convention
      • getPublicationFrequency

        Frequency getPublicationFrequency()
        Gets the frequency that the index is published.

        Most price indices are published monthly, but some are published quarterly.

        the frequency of publication of the index