Class OvernightFutureTrade.Builder

    • Method Detail

      • product

        public OvernightFutureTrade.Builder product​(OvernightFuture product)
        Sets the future that was traded.

        The product captures the contracted financial details of the trade.

        product - the new value, not null
        this, for chaining, not null
      • quantity

        public OvernightFutureTrade.Builder quantity​(double quantity)
        Sets the quantity that was traded.

        This is the number of contracts that were traded. This will be positive if buying and negative if selling.

        quantity - the new value
        this, for chaining, not null
      • price

        public OvernightFutureTrade.Builder price​(double price)
        Sets the price that was traded, in decimal form.

        This is the price agreed when the trade occurred.

        Strata uses decimal prices for Overnight rate futures in the trade model, pricers and market data. The decimal price is based on the decimal rate equivalent to the percentage. For example, a price of 99.32 implies an interest rate of 0.68% which is represented in Strata by 0.9932.

        price - the new value
        this, for chaining, not null
      • toString

        public String toString()
        toString in class<OvernightFutureTrade>