Interface ReportRunner<T extends ReportTemplate>

  • Type Parameters:
    T - the type of the report template
    All Known Implementing Classes:
    CashFlowReportRunner, TradeReportRunner

    public interface ReportRunner<T extends ReportTemplate>
    Runs a report for a specific template type.

    A report is a transformation from trade and/or aggregate calculation results into a specific business format.

    • Method Detail

      • requirements

        ReportRequirements requirements​(T reportTemplate)
        Gets a description of the requirements to run a report for the given template. Requirements include trade-level measures.

        The report may be run on calculation results including at least these requirements.

        reportTemplate - the report template
        the requirements to run the report
      • runReport

        Report runReport​(ReportCalculationResults calculationResults,
                         T reportTemplate)
        Runs a report from a set of calculation results. The contents of the report are dictated by the template provided. The calculation results may be substantially more complete than the template requires.
        calculationResults - the calculation results
        reportTemplate - the report template
        the report