Trade loader

The trade loader is used to load different kinds of trade, such as FRAs, Swaps, Securities and Term Deposits. It is one of a number of loaders included in Strata.


Trades can be loaded using the TradeCsvLoader

ResourceLocator locator = ResourceLocator.ofFile(filename);
ValueWithFailures<List<Trades>> trades = TradeCsvLoader.load(locator);


The trades file is a CSV-formatted file. The columns may be specified in any order. The CSV format is flexible, and the input can specify trades in various ways.

Each asset class has a different set of columns, see the links below. A single file can contain a mixture of asset classes, just add the union of the column headers and fill in the necessary data on a row by row basis.

The follow asset classes are supported:

Columns common to all formats

These columns are common to all formats. They are documented here rather than being repeated on each page:

Column name Mandatory? Description
Id Scheme Optional The scheme (symbology) within which the trade identifier is unique, default “OG-Trade”
Id Optional The trade identifier
Trade Date Optional The trade date, such as “2017-06-01”, see accepted formats
Trade Time Optional The trade time-of-day, such as “11:00”, see accepted formats
Trade Zone Optional The trade zone, such as “Europe/Paris” (IANA time zone names) or “+02:00”
Counterparty Scheme Optional The scheme (symbology) within which the counterparty is unique, default “OG-Counterparty”
Counterparty Optional The counterparty
Settlement Date Optional The date the trade settles, such as “2017-06-03”, see accepted formats

Note that the columns above are supported by all asset classes.


This example file specifies one FRA, one Swap and one Term Deposit.

Strata Trade Type, Id Scheme, Id,     Trade Date, Convention,            Buy Sell, Period To Start, Tenor, Notional, Fixed Rate
Fra,               OG,        123401, 2017-06-01, GBP-LIBOR-3M,          Buy,      P2M,             ,      1000000,  0.5
Swap,              OG,        123411, 2017-06-01, GBP-FIXED-1Y-LIBOR-3M, Buy,      P1M,             P5Y,   2000000,  0.4
TermDeposit,       OG,        123401, 2017-06-01, GBP-Deposit-T0,        Buy,      P7D,             ,      1000000,  0.5

Note that Microsoft Excel prefers the CSV file to have no spaces after the comma.


Trades can be written to CSV using TradeCsvWriter

StribfBuilder buf = new StringBuilder();
TradeCsvWriter.write(trades, buf);