Interface PortfolioItem

    • Method Detail

      • getInfo

        PortfolioItemInfo getInfo()
        Gets the additional information about the portfolio item.
        the additional information
      • getId

        default Optional<StandardId> getId()
        Gets the primary identifier for the portfolio item, optional.

        The identifier is used to identify the portfolio item. It will typically be an identifier in an external data system.

        A portfolio item may have multiple active identifiers. Any identifier may be chosen here. Certain uses of the identifier, such as storage in a database, require that the identifier does not change over time, and this should be considered best practice.

        the identifier, optional
      • withInfo

        default PortfolioItem withInfo​(PortfolioItemInfo info)
        Returns an instance with the specified info.
        info - the new info
        the instance with the specified info
      • summarize

        PortfolioItemSummary summarize()
        Summarizes the portfolio item.

        This provides a summary, including a human readable description.

        the summary of the item